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A Boy

March 23, 2010
By MissAwefull SILVER, Amesbury, Massachusetts
MissAwefull SILVER, Amesbury, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"You find him, you kill him. You cut his head off. Any one want a cookie?"

A Boy,
Not quite unusual, but different.
They don't understand.
They make fun of him and tease him behind his back,
Provoking his friends to see their views.
The friends see.
But they choose to except instead of make an enemy unneeded.
The poor boys behavior is not his nature,
But a forced protection,
Something witnessed and understood.
Something taught and learned well.
But the lesson he learned,
Wasn't the right way.

The author's comments:
This piece is very important to me. It explains perfectly, why this boy is the way he is. No Wasted time wondering why the heck is he the way he is.

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