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Humiliation Emotion

March 18, 2010
By baumshell DIAMOND, Burbank, California
baumshell DIAMOND, Burbank, California
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"I was thinking how nothing lasts and what a shame that is."-Benjamin Button

I feel like stabbing bullets into my heart
Making little crevices inside my tiny heart
Puncturing the vessels of life, seeping out the source of love
It’s provoking how one act of humiliation can awaken the rest
I put all my emotion into one piece
So when I speak it, all my emotions burst out as well
The way I imagine is the way I feel
The way I act is the imagined feeling
And if they can not recognize than I’d rather not socialize with that kind
I can pretend all I want that I can be one of them
But when I have emotion,
truer than false
I’d rather write it all down than act it all out

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