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i will whisper this to you only in my dreams...

March 13, 2010
By jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
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when i layed with you,
i breathed you in.
did you notice all my colors?
i could bathe you in flowers of gold,
and lavender waves of silence,
look for you in a cosmic cloud,
hear you in the vacuum,
and fill your eyes with leaves.

i just want to be with your body
and love your every move,
to let it all come through.

you could be my sun,
and the wind and the water
and the birds and the trees
will sing us a song
and carry us away...

we will build a home of stars...
and when that black hole stretches us apart,
i'll see you on the other side.

our fingers intertwining
but when we kiss, it melts away.
i could hear your heart sing
as you layed with me that night
and i felt as if i was in the sky,
hovering above this perfect connection,
a moment that you will deny...

you gave me such beautiful petals,
but i'm just another flower for you to help blossom.
you watched me grow,
watered my leaves,
and left me alone...

now you go back to that garden, your home,
but that prized orchid you were tending, is fine on it's own...
you'll waste your days holding her up as something to be won,
but she'll find her own star,
and make it her sun...
the planets will align for her,
with their hearts being one...

she will think of you
and how you watered her leaves,
and then, will you come back to me?
or will i be forgotten?

i won't forget you.
i will hold this moment,
and breathe it again.
it will have it's own place,
under my skin.
i will water it and watch it bloom,
and then i'll give it back to you.

you know, you are the iris in my eyes...

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