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Are you happy now?

February 28, 2010
By freeyourmind PLATINUM, Princeton, Illinois
freeyourmind PLATINUM, Princeton, Illinois
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You can never truly appreciate what's good in life until you have experienced what's bad.

Beat to a bloody mess
Just give my body a rest
It’s under all this stress
Of trying to be the best

Lie down and relax
Close my eyes
Count one, two, three
Let my thoughts wonder free

Study my mind
Since my soul is hard to find
Trapped under all this pain
My life is nothing but a waste and shame

I’m nothing but a tool
Meant to sharpen the other knives in the drawer
I’m seen only when requested
To entertain when others bore

It doesn’t take much to ignore
My existence in life
Taken from me everything
Except my final breath

That I’ll save for her
When I ask Are you happy now?

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on Apr. 22 2010 at 8:01 pm
sleeplessdreamer PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
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"I have always wanted to write in such a way that people say, 'I have always thought that but never found the words for it.'" -anonymous

This is absolutely incredible! Fantastic! I love the spontaneous and staggered rhyming! It really added even more beauty to your writing. Great job. This should be in print most definitely. Check out my work if you ever get the chance and be as honest as you please.