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Tar Heart

February 24, 2010
By doom-hope GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
doom-hope GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
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You are a flame
Near this tar heart of mine
It’s so gooey
And oozing
Strange gases emit
It is melting
And on it drips
There’s no shape left to it

This heart is a mess
It is black
Wonder, why
What happened to it?
Is it poison is it paint
Is it plastic, is it fake
Why does it melt away?
Every time I view your face

I hate this feeling
My heart slides out of my chest
Into the gutters, it slips
And down a drain, now
Is it gone?
I must have dreamt it
Oh, yes
It is still there
But it is deluded
To whom had I lent it to,
If not to you

Invisible, it seems to be
But it is dark
It breaks so easily
As if it’s on display
Right there on my sleeve
But of course, it is not
It is hidden away
It is safe
Just in case
This day becomes
A rainy one
To wash
The melted mess away

Such is a sad day
That my hear is with you
Because I’ve stolen another
(With it) what shall I do?
It isn’t cold, but still full of hate
Is it glass,
Because that’s how it breaks
Is it tar, as is mine?
Corrupt and bent
With the twists of time
Beaten harshly, out of shape
Then melted slowly
With a sick turn of fate

Why must it lie with me?
When so many things
Still, try so hard
So many things
Still, keep us apart
So far, is the flame
But it still melts my tar heart

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