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March 2, 2010
By smiley_alley7 SILVER, Little Rock, Arkansas
smiley_alley7 SILVER, Little Rock, Arkansas
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I saw you toss him
out the window
like another apple core.
You think you've gotten
all the fruit, but really
there's so much more.
The fruit you keep
overlooking, so close
to that apple core.

New things, new people, new places
is that for which
you strive.
Having only things of the
past makes you
feel deprived.
An so you question why you
still have ties to
all of your past lives.

You think you have your apples
all lined up
in a row
But really there's so much
about each one
that you do not know.
And I see you think you've got it all
when your eyes
give off that glow.

And you tell me you've found
the perfect one,
the ripest one,

the rarest one,

the one fit

for only you.

You picked it right out of your
orchard. They do pop up like daisies.
One right after another, because they're
all perfect.
Perfectly crazy.
And I know you're on a high,
but just know I'll be here
if you get lost in one of those mazes.

The author's comments:
One of my best friends is very compulsive. She goes through guys like kids go through fruit snacks or popcorn or candy or something. One of my other best friends liked her, and I had to lay it down for him. I told her that she'd known him too long and she'd never go for him no matter what. She need new things, new people, new places, in order to keep herself sane I told him, "Yes, and you, my friend, are not a fresh apple. She found not even the slightest trace a green worm in you, and threw you out." I didn't necessarily write it "for" anybody, but it was about those two people.
From this I wanted m friend to know that I knew she was VERY compulsive, but that even if she got hurt, I'd always be there for her.

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on Mar. 27 2010 at 10:49 pm


I think it really does describe my friend.

on Mar. 8 2010 at 5:24 pm
georgiab PLATINUM, Whitman, Massachusetts
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this is great. love the whole apple concept!