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Wide Eyed Anne

February 21, 2010
By ElenaMed SILVER, Stafford, Virginia
ElenaMed SILVER, Stafford, Virginia
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Forgottan tales of angst and betrayal are whispered
Through creaks and moans in a once empty house
Wide Eyed Anne tosses and turns in her bewildered sleep
A scurry
A Pause
What was that? Only a tiny mouse

Unearthly shadows painted onto walls screaming
songs worded only through ancient tongues
Wide Eyed Anne Fidgets and squirms
A giggle
A curse
What was that? Only breathe from her lungs

Creeping and taunting the Boogie Man crawls
Swept into such a delapidated room
Wide Eyed Anne can only shreik
A Shadow
A tree
What was that? Only the broom

Gnarled and broken the Devil scrambles
To be looking at a young girl from where he stands
Wide Eyed Anne awakes to her most terrible fears
A Scream
A Slash
What was that? Only Wide Eyed Anne

The author's comments:
I'm deeply interested in the darker sides of poetry.
Thought I'd add a little of it here. Critique?

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