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What Do I Fear?

February 20, 2010
By theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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Once I felt numb, touching everything, they felt too small.
And I'm shaking like I'm in some kind of seizure.
All alone under my bedroom covers.
Feeling like i'm in a hole of empty hollowed out water.
Can barely breath. As if something was sitting on you and your whole body fell asleep.
What am I afraid of?

I also am touching something very big. Something that feels too big.
Getting numb in an uncomfortable feeling of being squashed.
Just as big and just as little as what I'm touching.
Like everything on me is going to fall off because of an unessecary weakness.
Just no air to find solitude in, to find comfort and familiarness.
But instead, squashing me into a something small and big.

What am I fearing?

The author's comments:
One night when I was sleeping something happened to me that was really weird. In my mind I was touching things and everything felt either too small or too big. I knew it had something to do with what I was truly afraid of but I don't know what it is. Oh and I also felt like I was caught in some kind of spell like trance that made me feel brathless and REALLY uncomfortable. But then it was something I liked too. I am totally clueless here. Can anyone help me?

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