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February 12, 2010
By AriIce SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
AriIce SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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That’s what I feel.
The burden of the world is too heavy, too heavy for only a simple piece of thread to hold.
Everything is hanging, on to the polluted oxygen and freezing cold nitrogen.
Everything is hanging, holding on to nothing, falling precisely nowhere.
Everything is hanging, with a placid calmness that somehow finds itself unnerving me, untangling the hair that wound tightly around my imperfections.
Everything is hanging, lying in wait, waiting to plummet into the crust, mantel, and very core of my inner earth.
I am waiting, with hands held out.
I am waiting, with trembling limbs and watery eyes.
I am waiting, with my heart playfully skipping beats.
I am waiting, with my mouth agape and copious amounts of strain on my bones.
Ink pours from my arteries as I cry, uncontrollably into that waning gibbous moon.
Steam rolls off my caramel colored skin, crawling away into oblivions.
Ink pours from my mouth as I speak in plaintive monologues.
And my hands are moving rapidly to cover my graciousness that finds itself lying upon my face.
My world stopped turning that very hour…
All my ears could hear was the loud cacophonies of my sub consciousness
Yelling, yelling, screaming, screaming…..begging.
But all I can do is stand paralyzed.

Everything is hanging in my damaged atmosphere.
And I am waiting for it to fall……

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was at the Contemporary art center of virginia. And I was looking at this picture and I was inspired to write this poem.

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