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Passing By

February 8, 2010
By Caroline Williams GOLD, Scottsville, Kentucky
Caroline Williams GOLD, Scottsville, Kentucky
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My throat is dry
It tingles
You move closer and oh my
No, it's just to mingle

My eyes are locked on
As you come closer still
Everyone sees you are no con
To keep my cool, takes all my will

My ears tune in
Footsteps slowly gaining sound
If you speak to me, I will not be chicken
But to you, I feel bound

My palms are gaining moisture
I tightened my grip on my glass
I feel like I'm on a crazy coaster
I am such a vulnerable lass

My stomach is in a knot
You are becoming clearer in my vision
Oh wow, you're here, wait what?
You pass by like on a mission

Everything breathes out
As if a sigh of relief
But I still shake, full of doubt
I thought you were coming to me but it was disbelief

But you were not
You were simply passing by
Now you go away and look like a dot
Just simply, sadly to me, passing by

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