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January 29, 2010
By redfishcatefish SILVER, Livonia, Michigan
redfishcatefish SILVER, Livonia, Michigan
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haha well it's something i came up with. "sometimes it takes the fall to realize the top ain't much better."

Her long brown hair.
The way she walks,
and how the sun
reflects in her deep blue eyes.
Over my
red curls, and my
mixed up pace.
The lack of reflection from my
garden green eyes.

She talks to you,
but I take notice.
She walks with you,
but I watch your steps.
She always gets you
like I want to.
But doesn't love you
like I would do.
It's simple just a
That's what I want.

To know that our eyes
were introduced,
that we
exchanged views,
is to know that we
were thinking of
one another at
the same time.
THinking of
I want that too.

I want to be her.
I wish on every star
you'd take my hand
in the halls.
That'd it'd be me
you'd kiss goofbye.

Tell me what to change.
Tell me what to say.
I'm not just another girl.
To change your mind.
I want that how
you want her.

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