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Like Glass

January 26, 2010
By FlyLikeAnEagle94 PLATINUM, Kingston, Pennsylvania
FlyLikeAnEagle94 PLATINUM, Kingston, Pennsylvania
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We live our lives with bumps in the road.
Our lives are fragile, so be careful.
Our lives may seem secure,
But they are like glass.
Our lives are sturdy,
But they can still break apart.
Just like glass.

When you drop a glass,
The sides shatter and break,
But the bottom is still in one piece,
With some pieces still connected to it.
Like our lives.
When your life seems to break,
Friends and family may break away from you.
You will stand back up,
And you will brush off the dirt.
Only you can make yourself stand back up,
And put your life back together.

You will stand strong,
As you have all along.
You were always the one in charge,
So don’t give up.
Even while you’re standing on a pile of broken glass,
Everything will work out.
Just understand that,
Our lives are fragile presents,
Like glass.
So handle them with care.

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