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The Devouring

January 19, 2010
By tabi24 SILVER, Leesburg, Florida
tabi24 SILVER, Leesburg, Florida
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He's my only weakness, yet my greatest sense of security.

The wind is bitter
Fog covers the icy lake
The world seems to glitter
As it holds a bad fate
The sun shimmers beyond the clouds
Leaving the world colorless and confound
The trees bare from winter
Leaves cover the ground
The squirrels asleep for the season
Nothing dare makes a sound
The forest seems to swallow me
Hiding the dark sky
Voices begin to whisper
Evil laughs begin to rise
The whole world turns black
My whole life has been a lie
The laughter becoming louder
My tears I try to disguise
My life running out of time
I struggle to break free
I begin to get away
Only to fall on my knees
There's something pulling me back
All I can do is scream
An evil face appears
It's eyes seem to gleam
It tortures me with my fears
Devouring my screams
It kills me with my regrets
It knows everything.

The author's comments:
It a symbolic poem about not being understood and letting the past haunt you.

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