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January 18, 2010
By NattyWrites SILVER, Monmouth County, New Jersey
NattyWrites SILVER, Monmouth County, New Jersey
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Look over my shoulder
Time loses its track
With charm in your eyes
You smile right back
Think forward in time
You’ll forever be mine
But I am ten pennies
And you are a dime

Silence is loud
Attraction is bold
You fend for yourself
I do what I’m told
You slip on your jeans
And head out for the night
I finish my essay
And turn out the light

We didn’t evolve
We were put into place
An unusual love
But we held our case
Hand and hand we walk the line
Forget our differences
I am yours and you are mine

The sky was bruised
The air was tense
I saw it coming like a sixth sense
Our spirits were shattered
Our relationship sliced
You’re silence said enough
No need to say it twice

You’re stitched in my heart
You reside in my mind
A connection like this
Is impossible to find
We’ll rebound, baby
We’ll bounce back
I’ll pivot around one day
And you’ll still be there smiling back

The author's comments:
Enchanted is a bittersweet love poem that I put together about the relationship I had with someone I really liked. We were different ages and completely different paths in life, but had such an attraction and appreciation for one and other. Unfortunately this guy broke up with me for a couple of problems we had with our families, however we remain on excellent terms and remain close friends. I truly hope that I can provide the inspiration that love works in favor for us, and that if it's meant to be it will definitely happen.

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