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January 4, 2010
By j-rye SILVER, Toronto, Other
j-rye SILVER, Toronto, Other
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Her bags are packed; she says she's ready to start her life.
Driving down the long gray road –
recalling the great times, laughing at the disastrous –
as it starts to rain,
the windshield fights the drops as my eyelids fight my tears.
As I pull up to her new callous neighborhood,
I think, at home I can give her
all this and more,
as I pull up to the new place that she'll call home,
her face displays her eagerness, explains her
need to explore.
So, with a hug that's too tight,
and a stare too full of guilt,
I let her walk away –
that even if I hadn't,
she would have laughed with some
smart remark and
continued on her path.

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on Feb. 20 2010 at 12:15 pm
Piper_at_the_gates SILVER, Kennebunk, Maine
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It's really good! And I usually don't like poetry all that much, so that's saying something. I'm not a poetry expert or anything, so I can't give you advice. I'm more of a fiction person.

could you look at some of my pieces that I've written? It would be much appreciated.