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LIfe's Precious Price

January 16, 2010
By Dreaa:D BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
Dreaa:D BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
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What is life's cost?
To that, I'm lost.
I'm not sure there is a specific amount.
Maybe it's just to make every second count.
I'll try not to do anything I'd regret.
I will take advantage of every sunset.
And the transition from night to day.
I won't let those moments slip away.
Some say we have a long while to wait
But what if we're too little too late?
Which is correct, I truly do not know.
Only God knows when it's our time to go.
We have a limit to our time
But I know what I'll do with mine.
Everything on Earth I'll try to cherish.
There is too much beauty to just let perish.
I'll try not to let little things pass me by.
I'll try to appreciate before I die.
The next time that there is a fresh breeze,
I'll try not to go on as I please.
Maybe it will be my very last one,
or maybe i'll live to feel a ton.
But no matter what the case.
I won't let it go to waste.
I'll jump at every chance I get.
The natural beauties I won't forget.
The way the stars shimmer and glitter.
The way the birds tweet and twitter.
And all the other glorious sounds.
Like the rain and it's soft, patterned pounds.
I will hold on to everything I feel.
Happiness, sadness, love, it's all so real.
I'll try not to be conceited or too clever.
I know I won't be on this planet forever.
When I go, please do not cry.
Remember the words that I lived by.
Everything I had done was with all my might.
My request: Pray I make it to heaven alright. I'll never really be that far.
To think of me, look at the stars.
You are the people I know and love.
I'll be guarding from the clouds above.
I'll be in many hearts for all eternity.
The ones belonging to my friends and family.
Anything and everything happens for a reason.
Whether natural disasters or changing of seasons.
When a loved one dies, do not mourn.
Another child out there is born.
The cycle of life and death will repeat.
It's a system you cannot beat.
So go and do what you live for
And find out what God has in store.

The author's comments:
In May, 2008 my grandpa passed away. One summer night, I woke up around 4:00am with a few lines in my head. Soon those few lines turned into this:D I just want people to value life and live it to it's full potential.

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