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January 2, 2010
By laurenz GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
laurenz GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Writing is not a job, something you do. It’s something you are, something you can’t not be. Being a writer is … about being so bewitched by language that writing seems real, and life by comparison feels like a dream." ~ Adair Lara

the elite violet hues
glisten without a care,
unknowingly teaching a superiority workshop
to a comparable destitution,
rusted with stain.

it’s a casual sort of introspection,
an arbitrary sort of fervent dependence,
funded by Goldfish and Viewers Like You.

parallel cravings compose a waterfall tango
with me and you and that catchy commercial jingle.
the conscious metaphor took the first flight out,
chasing some lacy golden-hued dream, but don’t worry.
we can still sleep here.

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