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Selfish Seasons

January 9, 2010
By egoetz2012 SILVER, Haddonfield, New Jersey
egoetz2012 SILVER, Haddonfield, New Jersey
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Mighty winter, with your rocking gales and dismal grey skies
The mercury plunges when you saunter in
Your stinging air makes our eyes water
Snowflakes piling up like thick vanilla cake
And icicles slipping, dripping, splashing down to layer the icing.

Gentle spring, with your calm breezes and budding life
Fresh green stems poke their way out of spongy earth
Spreading their roots deep into the ground
Gripping the dirt with hairy, twisting legs
New life begins to form as the days get warmer

Soft summer, with your sweltering air and blooming sunsets
The glittering lightning bugs rival the twinkling stars
We think we’re having fun in sloppy swimming pools
Our ice cubes clinking in lemonade glasses, getting everything for granted.

Wavering autumn, brisker winds whip in
The scent of pumpkin and hot chocolate
We come inside with apple-red cheeks, kissed by the wind
The first frost will soon arrive, suspending everything in crystalline silence
We step out of our way to step on crunchy red leaves

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