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December 21, 2009
By BreAnn BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
BreAnn BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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Dear Grandpa, I’ll miss you,
But I know you must go.
I’ll always remember.
That, I want you to know.

I wish we lived closer
So I could always be there,
To come by and visit
So you’d know that I care.

I’ve always been like you
In my attitude and ways.
When I stayed with you a week,
The good ole’ days.

Growing up keeps me busy,
And you’re always sick.
The good and the bad days
You don’t get to pick.

I know that it’s life,
But I don’t want you to leave.
You’ll always be here
Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

I want to know you better,
But my wish is too late,
Because you’re already headed
To Heaven’s open gate.

Where God is watching,
Waiting for you.
Where the sun is so yellow
And the sky is so blue.

You’re the only Grandpa I’ve known
And I don’t want that to go away.
I wish you could come back to us,
Come back to us and stay.
I don’t want to feel the hurt,
I don’t want to cry.
I don’t want to miss you.
I don’t want to say goodbye.

The author's comments:
My grandpa, my mom's dad was going very quickly when i wrote this. It is just a tiny clue of the pain i really felt.

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