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the meaning of lies

December 27, 2009
By Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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When someone lies…
They have done something wrong
Want to protect them
Or believe the one they are lying to do not have the capacity to understand
You may not know it but everyone tells a lie right to you face
Someone may be telling you half the truth…
But once they know you are certain you know what they have done they say it like that

Adults do not like getting lied to for it feels like …
A friend dose not like being lied to for it feels like…
They are stabbed in the back
A child is one of a kind that dose sense it
And hates it the most…

Yet the child waits till the person says the complete opposite
They may not say anything or mention it
However that doesn’t mean they did not notice it

Children lie to get out of trouble…
So do adults…

For example in an argument
They tell the truth when it is convenient
Like until they are positively sure you know everything

Yet it may be irritating hurtful and mean
Though a lie is a lie
To whomever it may be…
A parent
Your child
Or a friend

You have done something one should never do…
You took away their trust and compassion
You took away your innocence and comprehension
You took away…
Someone that trusted you with their heart and turned it into…

Someone who just only half believes you
Half knows you
Half cares for you
Half …

I believe you can feel in the rest if you know how it goes.
For this poem is to show you the path you have chosen of being
The one thing you and I hate most
A liar

The author's comments:
i have been lied to and i lied so i wrote about the pain

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