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The Stars

December 26, 2009
By LuckieMistake PLATINUM, Florence, Colorado
LuckieMistake PLATINUM, Florence, Colorado
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"What doesn't kill me only, will make me stronger in my head..." Papa Roach, Kick In The Teeth

The red,orange,and yellow twirled together,
Dancing with the wind in a magical way,
The stars sat there crying under the moon,
Their world would soon be black,
Black with ashes,
Everything would be charred soon,
Their sins would not be erased,
Their world would be wiped clean,
No animals,
No people,
No plants,
No life,
They got tired of it,
They looked at it burning,
Their tears turning to black,
Sitting on top of the clouds,
Everything burned under them,
Forever dead,
Forever sad,
Forever empty
From somethign beautiful to soemthing terrible

The author's comments:
I just suddenly got enspired, although I don't knwo what enspired me.

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