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Pedestrian Crossings

December 20, 2009
By GreenDayFanatic PLATINUM, Lakota, North Dakota
GreenDayFanatic PLATINUM, Lakota, North Dakota
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Pedestrians walking in the same old traffic.
Creating shoe marks in te pavement.
Sole digging into the asphalt,
Ruining the newness.
These people,
Go the same way,
Walking the same old rhythm,
No changes in the action between these vital days.

Pedestrians, walking without a care,
They have no idea of the future.
Not thinking, just wasting every moment.
Wasting these moments, wasting life.
No care, no wonders, just those shoes.

Pedestrians in casual day shoes,
They show no wear and tear on the sides,
Just in the front, where these people walk straight,
Not changing directions,
No risk, just the same, the same.

The pedestrians showing no wear,
Will get nowhere.
And live the same each day,
Not experiencing the highest joy like most people should,
They will live in this dull gray world,
And the most they will ever do is,
Create the same path with shoemarks,
In the asphalt.

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