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December 12, 2009
By misfit1 GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
misfit1 GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Everyone has a God shaped void in their heart.
-Blaise Pascal

Creativity has been lost
Hidden amongst the nothingness that engulfs us
That swallows our ambitions
Burying them right next to individuality that has long since been forgotten
Cookie cutter artists create sugar coated art
Sweet on the surface, but crumbling underneath
With no true meaning or depth

Skimming on the surface is an easy outlet
Quickly leading to conformity
Followed by the creation of clones
Blindly chasing the carrot made of “success” that dangles in front of them
Enticing, alluring, but meaningless
Deceiving many into believing that they’ll make it
Leading them to chase nothing, and they’ve certainly found it

Forsaken is the creativity of the masses
I challenge you to not conform
You see, forsaken is no longer a verb, but a mind state
Where so many reside and dwell
It’s easy to blend in, but it’s more important to be YOU
So step up and stand out, even if you stand alone
At least then you’ll finally stand for something

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