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I hope I'm Part of the Reason

December 23, 2009
By ObviouslyPaige BRONZE, Somerville, Maine
ObviouslyPaige BRONZE, Somerville, Maine
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You’re the first person
I think to tell.
To trust.

When I talk to you,
even your simple “aww’s” and “I love you’s”
show me that you care.

We used to compete, to quarrel,
but now we look up to each other,
while you do not know it.

Though I am older,
and should be the confident one,
I admire you, as you admire me.

To see you walk around in my clothes,
my memories,
brings a smile to my lips and spirit.

Just as music makes you smile,
as your friends make you happy,
I hope I do too.

I hope I’m at least part of the reason
for the beautiful smile
that steals across your face every day.

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