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I am From

December 2, 2009
By Dominga13 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Dominga13 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
Its not how big you are. Its how big you play the game.

I am from the countless
Hours I have spent playing
Survivor in my backyard.

I am from coming home
Everyday and watching Winnie
The Pooh and eating Top Ramon.

I am from being obsessed
With Pokemon to being
Obsessed with technology.

I am from wearing the same
Clothes all week to taking an
Hour to find the right outfit.

I am from playing in the
Mud to getting manicures.

I am from barely being
Able to throw a ball, to throwing
It so hard I broke a girl’s finger.

I am from the red dirt on
A softball field.

I am from the unimaginable hours I’ve
Spent training for those games that will
Change my life.

I am from the room were I have
Spent many hours thinking my
Deepest thoughts and dreamt my

Biggest dreams.

I am from my little brother who never
Seems to run out of things to say.

I am from people that I know
Will always have my back and
Are there to lend a hand when I fall.

I am from the two people who have
Never lost hope, even in my darkest times.

I am from many hugs, tears and kisses.
From love, respect, loyalty, and trust.
This is who I am and this is what makes me,


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