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Countdown 'til last you return

November 23, 2009
By nightbabe SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
nightbabe SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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Ten times and more I would crush
Ten times I felt you suffer
Ten times I could not listen and hush
Ten times I begged your brother

Nine times I drove you insane
But it’s ok with me you do the same
Nine times I felt your touch
Having you hold me forever to ask is too much

Eight times I laughed at your shenanigans
Eight times you laughed at mine
Eight times you played and made me your biggest fan
Eight times no matter what I did you were kind

Seven days a week I want to see you
But I know if you were home that is too much to ask of you
Seven days a week my heart cries
Why I’m so attached I wonder why

Six times I hurt you
Six times you probably wished you didn’t know me
Six pieces of a California roll went in you mouth when I spoke to you
Six events you’ve missed since you left me

Five days into January you left on a cold, dreary day
But in less than five months I hope you make it home for the holiday
Five times you beat me in ping-pong
These many months you’re gone seem way too long

Four times you came to my home
Four times you complimented my eyes
Four times you apologized at the movies on your own
Four times you asked me to look into your eyes

Three times I said goodbye
But you will never know
Three times I cried
And if you asked I lied

Two times you asked me not to mention the future
Two times I almost made you late for work
Two times too little I met your mother
Two times for us it didn’t work

One time you said goodbye
While three times I cried
One time I decided I love you
Previous beliefs can’t deny this is true

And a million times, as many as needed, I will sit and wait for you

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