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The Cell

November 17, 2009
By hi,randomperson. GOLD, Fall City, Washington
hi,randomperson. GOLD, Fall City, Washington
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Love is not forbidden but it is a risky to fall into,but if its real-than you should stay true. Love is a funny thing,it cant be bought like a diamond ring. Love is greif and pain, you feel lost and insane.Love is a wonderful treasure,keep it forever

Perfect is the word to describe her; pale, happy, funny, friends with everyone, exciting, brown hair, every cell in her is made of beauty, as if she were a God, with big green eyes. But what no one knows of her wont hurt them, at night she crys herself to sleep, dreaming of someone to love her, hold her, want her, someone to call hers. She has become a talented actor, for everyday she is afraid to be herself, in fear they might not like her. She is blinded by her friends and family's dreams for her. Her beauty is simple, but intense, but everyday she willing wishes she could trade her bueaty for real friends that would like her, no matter who she was. But fate has taken its turn for her. Her body is a Cell, that she is imprisoned in.

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