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cold love

November 17, 2009
By hi,randomperson. GOLD, Fall City, Washington
hi,randomperson. GOLD, Fall City, Washington
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Love is not forbidden but it is a risky to fall into,but if its real-than you should stay true. Love is a funny thing,it cant be bought like a diamond ring. Love is greif and pain, you feel lost and insane.Love is a wonderful treasure,keep it forever

<3The Cold Love/<3

I’ve spent too many sleepless nights thinking about you, and why is your cruelness forced to be upon me. My heart is long broken, now the coldness and loneliness is starting to break and destroy my soul, how do I stop it? No antibodies in my body can stop it, it spreads like a disease that will slowly take me down, slowly tear who I am inside apart. You left me alone in my insaneness, my love, how could you be so uncaring? I walk around some of the places we used to go and used to walk around, are you testing my existence? I cry, out of normal habit, I have lost feeling, I am a cold, black human being, beware of me, don’t come to close or the disease will spread, and bring you down, and unavoidably, it will slowly, torturously kill you. Will power and self-control were abandoned long ago; I lash out just thinking of you, this is what the disease does to you. I blankly stare at your picture, and like all of the other pictures of you I tear it up, no need, use, or promise in it now. We were meant for something great, we agreed right? We got along, loved each other, cared for each other, and had dreams, places to go together. But our dreams that we worked so hard for, stop. Just like that, no warning, no signs, you were gone, but you must have done it to escape the deathly disease, like I was too slow, too un-careful to do. But don’t you realize many have fallen to this disease before, haven’t they? they haven’t fought it but let it spread until they were irresistible to each other, so why shouldn’t we? But I don’t think the disease is as obvious to you as it is to me, for you its death, trap, loneliness, but that only came from leaving. To me the disease is incurable, there’s no stopping it now, so why try to escape? For this terrible, wonderful, risky disease is called love, and when it is blossomed to its fullness, I have learned to love it.

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