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The mirror

November 15, 2009
By katielynn21 DIAMOND, Sierra Vista, Arizona
katielynn21 DIAMOND, Sierra Vista, Arizona
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I look at you and feel disgusted
There is nothing I see
About you that is good
All I see are imperfections

Your nose is slightly too large
Your hair is in-between two shades of blonde
It’s not pretty, and too flat
Your eyes are too big for your face

Your eyebrows are darker than your hair
They aren’t the perfect shape
Your eyelashes are too short even with mascara
Your eyes could be a brighter blue

The color of you face is too white
You look pale most of the time
Your bottom lip sticks out just a tad too far
Your cheeks are bigger than they should be

Nothing about you is right
You are ugly in my eyes
Yet people call you pretty
They call you beautiful, gorgeous even

They must be lying through their teeth
They must see that there is nothing beautiful about you
The have to see all of the imperfections
Yet they say nothing about them

I can’t take looking at you any longer
Looking at you just upsets me
But as I reach out to hit you,
My hand just runs into the mirror.

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