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Important questions

October 27, 2009
By more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
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Tread softly, for you thread on my dreams.

Beneath me is the forever wonder
Asking, seeking the answer
To a question that could be called
A very important one
But is rarely given attention
Unfortunate for me, I discovered
This endless quest for an anwser
Buried deep within the inferior mind
We ask in desperate pleas
The question that is tearing us apart
Every day, every moment
Every single agonizing second
That drags by like a dying man
Pulling himself to the Nirvana
That is nothing more than a cruel mirage sent by Job's destroyer to shatter his already cracked soul
I ask myself this horrible question
A question that is mere words
That somehow magnify themselves
To horrid giants that repeatedly
Stomp down on me




A question that wants to be answered
But my feeble but still amazingly strong human mind that so many
Believe to be weak and cowardly
And yet, they don't realize
That our minds deal with endless
Never stopping
Bone shattering
Heart destroying


That we can


And yet, what do we do?
We move on, we still move on
We keep destroying and building
Without fail or hesitation
With tears in our eyes
And forced smiles on our bleeding faces


Still, there is no denying
That our minds are unbelievably fragile
My mind, which struggles to be ignorant
To the inhumane, evil, heinous things that happen to people
Who are being punished for their ancestor's sin that has long been washed away by the gallons of blood that have been split
And forgiven
By the only person who matters
But I still see the blood and gore
And hear the cries of the infant
Whose mother
Has just been brutally murdered
By the man who had sworn
Until death do us part


And I wonder as I watch
Is our happiness
Worth the sadness
We must suffer through
In order to achieve it?
We must ask if the love we receive
Is enough to block out the hate
And if our fight is in vain.
You say you want peace
So we must ask
Can we, destructive, always suffering humans ever find
This happiness, without having
To endure the crushing sadness?
Or have we programmed ourselves
To always live in a world
That is interwoven with pain?




Should we just give up?

It is even possible for us
to give up?

I guess that
Is the more important question

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