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Finally, Farewell

October 19, 2009
By AnneW SILVER, Santa Clara, California
AnneW SILVER, Santa Clara, California
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What happens when the creativity doesn’t flow
When words fail you
You hurt those around you?

I sit back and smile
Your immature acts make me smirk
I get a stomachache from laughing at your deceitful words
I pity you

Good luck
in this moment
Karma always comes
Hunting you down
in this lifetime
You can’t treat people like this
I won’t be the only one

I will apologize
I did some wrong
My creativity was nonexistent
Things got out of hand
I’m sorry

But my words were pure
Coming only from my heart
I never lied
You know that

Farewell, poison
I don’t need you
Not any more
Clearly you don’t need me

The author's comments:
This poem was written when I finally decided to say good-bye to someone who had caused me pain.

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