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Wild Flowers

October 11, 2009
By Krisitn SILVER, EHT, New Jersey
Krisitn SILVER, EHT, New Jersey
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Wild Flowers
I wish I could be a wild flower, in a sea of fresh green grass.
People would stop to wonder and admire me, wondering how something so beautiful could live among something that would soon turn to the color of brass.
I would billow in the breeze with no cares, the fresh air caressing my petals.
My life would be perfect, away from anyone who might meddle.
I could live near a meadow, hilltop, or valley.
There would be so many of us, it would be hard to tally.
Every time a breeze would come, we would all do our little dance.
People would be mesmerized be us, it would be as if they were in a trance.
When the day would end, the last bit of light retreating,
We would know that a blanket of mist and dew would great us in the morning.
With all of these things that occur,
No last doubt can stir.
I wish I could be a wild flower, in a sea of fresh green grass.

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I hope you like it!!!

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