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October 8, 2009
By kandeekaine SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
kandeekaine SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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In life many people will give you advice
Most of it you will never take
Until the clock runs short
Your time is out
Somethings are just inspirational
Some arent but that just how life is
Thats what i write about
One of my friends told me something
Something I never really realized
She Said
"You use such complex words and you always write in pen never pencil"
Honestly its for one reason
With pen every thing is permenent
You can white it out but it will still always be there
With pencils it fades
Over time, the markings become faint
Almost disappearing completly to the naked eye
But pen it will alway remain
Thats why I trust it to convey my most personal feelings
Write it down
Sign it with bubble-gum pink kissy marks
After that its you giving advice
Not someone else
Just hope someone will take yours
Chances are if you know enough to be giving advice on that subject
They should listen
So next time some one give you advice listen
Dont just let it slip

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