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Secret Affair Of The Heart

October 8, 2009
By AussieDreamGirl SILVER, Portrush, Other
AussieDreamGirl SILVER, Portrush, Other
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I am a married man with wife and kids,
Yet my heart continues to yearn for another.
I pass her often in the street around the neighbourhood,
My eyes are tempted to wander and they often do.
However I did make that commitment in a church one day many years ago,
Yet still my heart wishes otherwise and my eyes continue to stray.
They say she’s a claim to fame but she denies it,
Modest and content with her life, yet seemingly so very alone.
Her luscious chocolate locks and her wide eyed smile,
Just beautiful in every way.
Yet still she has no soul mate that I know,
For twenty-five years we’ve known each other but never speak a word,
About our underlying feelings for one another to be had.
These days I sometimes lay awake at night thinking about that secret affair,
Her heart I found no longer deadlocked and so I trespassed in.
My wife shall not be happy nor the kids,
I fail to tell them why it is I can stand it no more.
So after twenty-five years a family and a girl whom my heart truly belongs,
I find myself abiding with a secret affair of the heart.

The author's comments:
Inspiration drawn from a make-believe situation involving two people of whom I admire.

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