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My buddy forever

October 6, 2009
By breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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You never know what Kansas’s weather will do….
You don’t believe you’re going to get hurt and you do,
You do something stupid believing nothings going to happen….
Extinct can lie,
Playing around in water sounds like fun,
You think the dam on the Kansas River is just going to be fun and games,
Well it’s a lie,
You slip and fall landing in the water,
Or that’s what I’ve been told,
Is it true?
You fight trying to escape the waters fierce and strong grip,
You fight and fight,
You have already gone against the top two things your parents have always told you,
Never fight against water,
And the most important never play near a dam,
No matter what it’s for!
Friends are there at the time,
They call 911,
They sit watching you suffer,
Trying to get you out making sure you don’t die on them,
But also making sure they don’t fall in with you!
The ambulance pulls up,
They get out of the way,
Watching what’s going on,
Tears fill their eyes,
They are scared as can be,
Fire medical occupants work fiercely,
Making sure they don’t lose any of their occupants,
And working really hard to not lose the boy,
They get you out,
They start CPR
Breath, push, 123,
Keeping count to the rhythum of the slowly beating heart,
Repeating themselves,
They take and get you on a stretcher,
Send you to Lawrence Memorial,
They can’t do to much there,
Flying you on a jet plane or in this case a helicopter flying you up in the air,
You are flown to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City Missouri,
Hook you up to machines,
Venelators is what they call them,
Helping you breath,
One snap of the wire,
You would probably die,
You lay there pretty much in a coma,
You can’t communicate,
Can’t breath on your own!
Can’t smile,
Can’t control facial expressions,
All you can do is sleep,
You lay there for what seems like hours,
I wouldn’t know,
They won’t let us see you!
You scare the jeebies out of me,
Making me worry,
And worry,
You make me scared,
All I want to do is stay in my room,
But I don’t,
I come out,
I keep getting updates some are better than others,
I keep getting updates like,
Your lungs are infected,
There’s water in your lungs,
Or you’re not breathing too well,
Or the one that scares the most,
You may not make it through this!
That update freaks me out,
It really freaks me out,
It freaks me out the most,
It causes me to do something you hate,
But will appreciate in the end,
It’s the one that makes me go to my pastor,
And set up a prayer request,
I know that’s the one thing you hate about me,
Is that I’m Christian,
And your not!
But what you don’t realize is,
I’m not the only one who’s praying,
Praying for you,
Your life,
And your friends and family!
God wants to help you,
Hopefully it’s the way we all want!
I walk alone,
Not usually what I normally do,
But it makes me think,
What if this is what happened,
What if you died then I would have to walk alone,
I don’t know if I could,
We are close friends,
Almost like siblings,
We pick on each other,
We make each other laugh,
We make each other Smile,
We make each other Angry,
But not for long,
We make each other Happy when we are down,
The one feeling out of these mixed emotions,
You have never made me feel or do,
At all,
Well I can’t say that anymore can I?
Well Till now,
Is cry,
We walk together all the time,
One thing we laugh about is how so many people ask if I’m GOTH,
And it’s only because I hang with you!
I love you,
No not that kind of way,
As a buddy,
As a friend,
As a brother,
We are closer than I have ever imagined,
The day you moved in I was confused if I would ever be close to you,
In any kind of way,
Well I am,
Tears fill my eyes and sorrow fills my heart,
As I dream about you,
I can’t let you go,
I remember the hugs and smiles we have shared,
The long embraced hugs,
That makes me feel special,
I love everything about you,
The feeling I get when you trust me enough to tell me a secret,
Or when you give me a hug,
The smell of your jackets and sweatshirts,
You always let me borrow,
The sight of how your hair has changed over the years I’ve known you,
The laugh and sarcasm in your voice,
I check my long dying phone,
Hopefully this doesn’t end up being the end of you,
I get an update about you,
You have woken up,
Opened your weary eyes,
Looks like god,
And angels,
Are watching over you,
You have a guardian angel you know,
I have told you so many times,
To be more careful,
But you are the total opposite of me,
You do it anyways,
It’s always a little more dangerous,
This time it could have been your life,
I always tell you,
You’re going to go so far,
That it is your own life you lose,
You need to be more careful,
But you are a fighter always there for your friends,
And your friends want to do the same,
They love you,
And I know you love them,
Keep on fighting,
And I know it will be ok!
More exciting news has came my way,
You are out of intensive care unit,
And have a room to your self,
How exciting,
I keep hearing they are going to let you come home,
Well just to let you know,
I am worried about you,
Almost worried sick!
Next step let’s hope you don’t have brain damage!
Yes you were being stupid,
Not the first time and hopefully not the last,
I love you Joseph,
Stay Strong,
For me,
Because I love you,
Buddy Ol Pal!

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he almost died

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