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Just Justice

October 5, 2009
By archon GOLD, Mandeville, Louisiana
archon GOLD, Mandeville, Louisiana
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what is just?
is the jist of justice just?
and is just justice just what just is?
and the unjust justice just what unjust is?
does the unjust have to be just in the eyes of the tainted kids?
so is justice just?
or is justice just what unjust is becoming?
is justice just what just remembers it being?
or is just justice just another one of my unjust fantasies?
and is the just unjust just what they want us to see?
can unjust be turned just?
or will just remain as the unjust monster that it is become
cause just can be just justice
it doesn’t have to be just an unjust cause.
can just just be what justice was meant to be?
or does justice just have to be the unjust must we all see,
can the just of another must be justice?
or does the just of another must just be unjust.
so lets make the unjust just again,
and lets make the just justice appear again,
so we can all face a just justice and not just another unjust must.

The author's comments:
its a bit of a tongue twister. i hope you enjoy, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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