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The Coolest Nerd

September 30, 2009
By mavaabrat3 PLATINUM, Palm Harbor, Florida
mavaabrat3 PLATINUM, Palm Harbor, Florida
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I may not be the class clown or jock,
But after every lesson to me they flock,
Nor might I be the guy with lots of game,
But my wordplay may put players to shame,
I don’t have a “prep” or “punk rocker” in my step,
But I would probably lift eyebrows like a bench press rep,
Everyone else would flex fingers would how they text,
And I would just memorize and recite different quote’s context,
I’m like a class starter as I hand work in first,
And I prefer exotic teas to quench my thirst,
It hurts me more to go a day without school,
Over trying to be filled with a facade cool,
I don’t drool with others when in the middle of class,
I feel asking questions carry the condentation of good class,
I am no force field to positive affirmations,
It’s to me a natural process like fermentation,
As it seeps through like condensation through my glasses,
I am the target outcast to the views of the masses,
Passive isn’t my energy, it’s continuously a kinetic flow,
As I grow from reading a lot and learning what others know,
That is how I travel to my invincible cloud nine,
Along with my computer games, that’s how I pass time,
So once I write this I plant a rhythmical mine,
Once discovered, this coolest nerd will explode and shine

The author's comments:
Its my declaration into being a nerd...a cool nerd.

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