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September 24, 2009
By Taliaaa BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
Taliaaa BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
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on the edge
of the cliff
of popularity
i look down
its a far way down
standing there
on the brink of falling
what should i do?
i see my friends
or i thought they were my friends
having fun
ignoring me
on the other side

i slip
i am hanging there
off the cliff
by a finger
a single finger

she walks over,
my life long friend
and she stares
and i stare back
will she help me?
will she and her popular friends
rescue me?
protect me?
she looks sad
my heart sinks as
she turns and walks

The author's comments:
I've learned that friendship can be a wonderful thing, but also a hurtful thing. You might have a friend one minute, but not the next...
my own experience inspired this poem by me, Talia

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