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What is Love

September 10, 2009
By Corbin_C GOLD, Mesquite, Texas
Corbin_C GOLD, Mesquite, Texas
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Love is strong
Love is deep
Love is not just what you speak
Love is in the heart
But that’s just where it starts

Love comes
Love goes
Faster than ever before
But the wise
And the strong in heart
Know love doesn’t
Break their heart
It rebuilds it
People break the heart
Not love itself

God gives endless love
So should you
Be strong
And be filled by his love
Let it flow through you
As it flows out of him
Let it show to others
So they can experience it too

Love is overwhelming
Love is spiraling
Up and down
Find it now

Want some
Give some
Watch the turn out
You’ll like it I bet

God made you
God made love
Both for a reason

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