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September 16, 2009
By Green_Eyed_Irish PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
Green_Eyed_Irish PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
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Burnt in a fiery blaze
And flushed down the toilet
Ashes of my former existence
Gone... into the ocean.

Everything you were
Everything you made me
Every scrap of evidence
Gone… ashes... into the ocean.

Nearly every word you ever said
And every word you ever wrote
Are gone… ashes… into the ocean

But yet those promises
Those memories, my love for you,
Still remain… here… in my heart.

No matter how wrong you were
No matter the lies you’ve told.
No matter the hurt you’ve caused,
My love for you…
Still remains… here… in my heart.

And you know what?
It sucks… bloody bastard.
Liar. Cheater. Dog.

The very thing you warned me about
The very thing you’ve become…
Liar. Cheater. Dog.

I hate thinking about you
every moment

I hate hearing your words spin
In my mind.

I hate having your face before
My closed eyes.

And yet you’re
Gone.. ashes… into the ocean.

And yet you…
Remain.. here.. in my heart.

And still you’re a…
Liar. Cheater. Dog.

How hate
loving you,
How I love
hating you.

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