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My dearest little star

September 4, 2009
By SImplyMe* BRONZE, Pretoria, Wyoming
SImplyMe* BRONZE, Pretoria, Wyoming
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One by one the stars are fading..
telling different stories each time i glance up at them
the sparkles of love, which were created to protect
whispering the silent serenade of the night
waiting for me to finish the lingering duette

the sparkling stars remind me of us
it felt like heaven when our hands finally touched
the stars being our only guide
finally i understand why they say love is blind!

Twinkel twinkel, my dearest little star
will i ever be so consumed by someone else?
Will i excperience the depth of it all.. ever again?
Im sure, little star, that you can see Him,
coming from afar

i know they say:
if you love something,
set it free,
if it returns, it was meant be
My dearsest star..
I'm setting him free,
drifting away, away from me

Twinkel twinkel.. beautiful little star
I'm sure our galaxies will soon meet again
But until then,
u keep my secrets captive,
ingraded on your sparkles!

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