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Why Do I Love You?

September 2, 2009
By stripperheels GOLD, Thornton, Colorado
stripperheels GOLD, Thornton, Colorado
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Why do I love you
I hardly even know you
I've only ever talked to you once
about my chickenscratch handwriting
You laughed
We always exchange
awkward glances
And friendly smiles
But deep down
I know your better than me
I would never deserve you
I should know that
But I still love you
I know you and your brother talk about me
I dream that it's about good stuff
But I know your probably saying
how horrible I look
I know, I tell myself that every day
Your so wonderful
Blonde, tall, blue eyes
Everything a girl wants
Which is why your too good for me
Dark hair, dark eyes, short
Everything about me is plain
But maybe one day
When your a star
You'll think about me
And know I love you

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