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Call to the Void

March 21, 2023
By manimahem BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
manimahem BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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I feel like death and it’s lovely
I am dead and lovely

But I am constantly trying to find the right words to capture what I feel for you. Trying to craft metaphors and looking for a word bigger than love, perfectly laced together phrases that will hit you in the way that I feel when I write them. And I’m not saying that I love you doesn’t hold so much meaning, that’s it’s not me telling you I would choose you over and over in every lifetime.

What is the word for someone who makes you feel whole,

the word for someone who makes you feel like you’ll never run out of air,

a word to describe this ineffable happiness,

a type of love that exists for eons and centuries.

The author's comments:

The inspiration for this piece is a girl who I fell in love with and after moving an hour away from her, we talked more and more. I just felt like she's my person and this poem is about that and so are many many more poems. I hope that you, the reader, have someone you love this much because in my experience it feels amazing.

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