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Purple Bathroom

December 19, 2022
By haileysimpson05 BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
haileysimpson05 BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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Since August I’ve sat and reflected

On the times we’ve had in that space

The bathroom with purple walls connecting our rooms

Moments we would never be able to replace

More than a sister to me

A companion, my person, my best friend

16 years in that bathroom

Was the best time known to spend

Getting ready for the day, getting ready for the night

Each day was never the same

We laughed and cried, talked and danced

Our thoughts were never contained

What was once a lively room with light

Now quiet and dark on one side

Each day I walk in like we always used to

Yet now there’s more of a divide

Ever since we packed up your things

And moved you to another place

I can't help but think about 

How I’ve permanently been replaced

You still share a space with other people

And do all the things we used to do

Be together, talk, bond, and laugh

Except I’m not the one there with you

Always there when I needed you most

Now I just hope you pick up the phone

I don’t want your light to be off

I don’t want to be alone

With you not here my life is dull

Full of loneliness and gloom

I want life to go back to the way it was

The joy behind the purple walls of our bathroom

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on Jan. 3 at 11:40 am
Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"You will be found" -Dear Evan Hansen

This is a beautiful poem! The rhyme scheme is subtle; I really like that! You really put so much emotion into this piece. I hope that the loneliness you feel eases with time. You are an amazing writer; keep writing!

Bumble Bee <33