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Nothing Of Me Is Mine

August 27, 2022
By Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin."

Palms in the sand

Cut my hand, dear crab

I beg you please

Because pain is so evolving


Paint my face like a clown

Trace a tear down my cheek

But make it translucent

Because nobody can see


Cover my ears with headphones

Let it replay on repeat

The lies people speak

So I know what I get myself into


Cut off my breasts

Chunks of my hands and arms

Fingertips bleeding to the bone


Let the blood pour out my mouth

To paint a picture of what was

Done to an innocent girl like I


Nothing of me is mine

Nothing of me is mine


Let my soul be seen in my eyes

So people can see whats left in my

Body that people tear to pieces

With no reasons


With strong simplicities

Called words

Letters combine to strings 

Connected to my intestines


Let the sentences squeeze and squeeze

The fluid out of my veins

And the bones break easy like shale

Watch my eyelashes grow brittle

And fall off as my porcelain shell decays


And when the last one falls

A spider will crawl on my face

Beginning it's life inside of my carcass

Webs will be woven

And in the right like

It will shine a bright silver

And though I may appear deceased

There is life inside of me


Pale is my skin a slack

And my mouth can no longer grin

I cannot export a laugh

But surprisingly come what may


For all the pain is taken from me

A burden lifted from my corpse

Oh it's wonderful of course


My hair is laid like a bed

Which a family of mice have taken liking

And they create a world

In which I no longer have to give


I can still be in peace

And life can simply take its toll

And I can be without a care


Sharing banquet with angels

I can feast and forever

Be so comforted in eternal bliss


So come what may

Let roses grow around my grave

Let life take whats left of me

Because I am finally home

The author's comments:

Everybody grieves something in their life, whether that be a person, a pet, a memory, a lost item, or even pieces of yourself. There is a beauty in being lost, or have loss. I hope I have shown you a bit of beauty in the loss, in death.

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