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My River; My Flower

June 29, 2022
By xarqirm PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
xarqirm PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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You knelt by the river 

with a lotus in your hands

you peeled away

the soft pink petals.

One by one they fell

into the gentle stream.

I watched

as you stand;

you caught my eye

across the bed.

I laid my own petals

on the bank too.

An offering

to no deity.

The red flowers


off my fingertips

turned the river brown.

I scramble


as you wade in the water

towards me with steel


Your clothes were stained

by my flowers,

my touch of death.

A current pushed

at your feet

nearly sweeping

you away.

I watched you struggle,

two fists holding 

your stained clothes high

as you bare skin kissed

the ruddy red river.

I did nothing to help

just watched on.

Horror, followed by


as I watched you struggle

to reach me.

Your arms outstretched;


The red river swallowed 

all the lotus blooms.

There’s none left 

to pluck. 

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