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April 21, 2022
By Mela_P SILVER, Addison, Illinois
Mela_P SILVER, Addison, Illinois
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“Maybe the truth was, it shouldn't be so easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It's the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth. When something's difficult to come by, you'll do that much more to make sure it's even harder--if not impossible--to lose.” ― Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride

Laying in a field of green.

The way we said we would.

With nothing but yet everything surrounding us.

I pictured us both finally free.

I started to understand,

It became clear.

My unyielding trust in you and yours in me.

Our faith in eachother.

The thing that tied us together.


I’ll always remember the way you made me smile. 

The adorable little things you did.

The way you could instantly calm me.

I’d been on my own for a long time.

The feelings I had for you were new to me.

I was scared of how I felt for you.

It was the reason I waited so long to tell you that I loved you.

I never felt like I had to change to be with you.

I never felt scared to say something goofy.

I trusted you and forever will.

The famous lines are,

“If you love them let them go”

But I wonder, -  who let who go.

The author's comments:

Love is a crazy thing.

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