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realizations of rejecting reality

April 19, 2022
By saralychee SILVER, Sacramento, California
saralychee SILVER, Sacramento, California
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red stamp of rejection and realization

exposes harsh lines masking soft words and sympathy stirs

the hollowness tugging your stomach begs to flush

away the glance you did not see, equate vision to mere chance

extend the slow setting aside of the brush

a lover's goodbye to a long, learned romance

rest on empty pages lying untouched

for the words you wanted were wishes not worthy

no fairytales, no knight at the end of the night

only story strung in silent, sometimes screaming shapes

in the world of words, you make your escape

a journey you've trekked since you were six years old

playing dress up and story time to weather the cold and storm the bold

the stories synonymous with the memories 

a child who rejected the world for a read

in the rattle of rejection, she feels the words breathe as they bleed

The author's comments:

For much of my life, I've immersed myself in books and as beautiful as words are, living your life literally wrapped in fantasies versus reality are two separate worlds. I wrote this piece to symbolize this disconnect and also how difficult it can be to put yourself out there as an ever growing writer. 

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