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My Words, My Life

April 8, 2022
By Ngoddard24 BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ngoddard24 BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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My words are my life

They hold my heart and thoughts

My words are not meant to be used

But rather heard

They should bring hope

and a sense of mystery 

My words are my weapons

In times of need

They can not kill

They can’t save those who are about to die

They will only make you stop

They will hit you in your heart

The only place that will hurt for life times

My words are my life

You don’t have to understand them

You don’t have to truly hear them

You just have to respect them

For my words are my life

The author's comments:

Sometimes I feel as if my life is going unseen, and not heard. Sometimes I feel like no one cares, but then I remember that I have a voice. A voice that can be heard if I ever let it out.

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