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Like Moon And Suns

March 30, 2022
By Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
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Just like moon and like suns,

Without you the world seemed wrong

The smiles we exchanged,

Along with the clashes of our lips

The sky seemed so close

It’s as if we brushed our fingertips along the ceiling

To learn that we would eventually fall

And I would land without you by my side

I scream into my pillow

Wondering, Where are you?

Suddenly I flew through all the seasons

But time didn’t take away the pain

Wandering aimlessly through all of the cascades we built

We learn we are alone

Like the moon and like suns,

We are far apart

Still there is this gravity 

Holding us in captivity 

And we keep coming back

Finding each other once more

How do we say goodbye

When we come back to say hello?

I am lost in the history

We wrote together

Like the moon and suns,

You are the paper to my pen

Oh how could I forget,

All those rainy days

I had your hand in mine?

How could I forget

The liquid falling from your carmel hair

As you walked a mile

To find me

And wrap me up, saving me from my pain?

So now that we have seen the sky, the stars

Hope burns brightly like gold

And love becomes a passion


And around us

The asteroids want to crash

But we stay connected, somehow

Like the moon and suns,

I could not wake up or sleep without seeing you

In some way, some reminder,

I just know,

I love you

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